Jungian tarot readings are an intuitive and creative approach to deepen your understanding of yourself or a situation, receive guidance, and move forward with more clarity.

In my view, one of the greatest joys of tarot readings is that it reminds us of how vast and mysterious our lives really are. When asking the cards for guidance, we briefly suspend our habitual way of operating: we surrender the ego's need for certainty in exchange for curiosity and wonder. By engaging in a dialogue with the cards, we begin to open the doors to the unconscious and the archetypes that underpin our existence. This way we can receive guidance beyond the familiar and, most importantly, we begin to expand our ideas about who we are.

Thus, the nature of tarot readings is incredibly therapeutic. It's not uncommon for readings to come at pivotal moments in your life, instigating or supporting important transitions. You can arrive at new insights, become aware of self-sabotaging behaviours, discover a new part of yourself, or find the confirmation you need to align with your intended path. To support this kind of transformation I like to bring in myths, fairy tales, Buddhist philosophies, or ideas from trauma treatment, attachment theory, or developmental psychology. 

My approach to the tarot, as for most of my work, is based on Jungian principles. The tarot cards with their intricate symbols represent a shared language for the unconscious to reveal itself and guide your individuation. As you might guess, this work is not about telling the future or casting spells. Instead, we dig deeper into the present so that you can make more empowered choices about the future. 

Tarot readings can be booked offline, through a 40-minute video recording, or live, through 60-minute sessions on Zoom. They can also be offered as gifts. 

Tarot Readings

Book a 1-1 session | £60

60 minutes via Zoom

One-on-one tarot reading sessions are an excellent opportunity to explore a theme deeper through a creative dialogue between us and the cards.


As a facilitator, I will be guiding you towards meaningful questions, sharing my insights, and helping you find answers that inspire your journey moving forward. Together we'll intuitively draw as many cards as we need, exploring the theme in detail and discussing what comes up from a trauma-informed therapeutic perspective.

You'll come away with more insight into yourself and your circumstances, ideas for next steps, plus a recording of our session that you can come back to anytime as your circumstance evolve.

Book an offline reading | £40

40 minutes recorded video sent via email

Offline readings are an incredibly powerful way to receive insight into a particular situation or area of your life (career, relationships, finance, purpose) undisturbed, in the privacy of your own home.

Based on your question, I will shuffle the cards and share my intuitions as questions and invitations for further exploration. I will also guide you on how to receive these insights and use your body to discriminate what's true and what isn't.


To book your tarot reading, fill in your details through the form below and submit the £40 fee via PayPal. Once payment is confirmed, I will get back to you within 72 hours with a 40 minute recorded video of your reading, including a photo of your cards.

Maria managed to really captivate me with the tarot cards and this whole idea of giving the unconscious an extra opportunity to reveal itself. I liked that she somehow found a better way of shaping my question and that her translation of the symbols was clear and simple. The reading was very insightful, balanced (as to also let me ponder over the meaning of cards) and full of ideas for integrating what the cards showed in my daily life. Thank youuu!

- Andreea