Short-term inner work

Inner work is a lifetime's journey. As we move closer to the core of who we are, our needs change and so does the kind of support we need: sometimes we require time and gentleness to go deep into ourselves and the nature of reality. And sometimes we need quick, effective ways to improve a part of our lives.

Short-term inner work is a fantastic way to begin shifting things in a specific area of your life. Whether it's your relationship patterns, difficulties at work, making sense of a break-up or loss, becoming more embodied, or even just seeking to unpack some of your trauma and experience more freedom, a limited session pack can be the start of a profound and rewarding journey.

Unlike long-term work, which tends to follow a gentler pace and reach deeper parts of your psyche, short-term inner work is focused and more intensive and it's best suited when you're ready to take action but don't know how. Beginning with where you are now, we'll discover where you'd like to be and what stands in your way. This kind of requires a higher degree of commitment and proactivity, making the most of each session and the time in between. That's why I will often provide you with homework as self-reflection exercises, somatic practices, or experiments you can conduct to further insight and embody your new development. It's really simple–the more you show up, the better results you will see.

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