The psychedelic renaissance is here, and it might be the best thing to happen to mental health in decades. The latest research confirms what indigenous communities have known for thousands of years: used consciously, psychedelic medicines are some of our most powerful tools for psychological and spiritual transformation.


But it's not just about the "trip". The preparation and integration container of the psychedelic experience is where meanings come together and true transformation happens. I offer a holistic approach based in harm reduction that integrates the insights of the psychedelic journey along with all aspects of the self. Turning psychedelic states into traits.

How it works

While drawing from scientific, therapeutic and spiritual traditions, the process is highly personalised and designed to amplify your unique intentions and aspirations. My aim is to support your self-discovery by sharing my knowledge and experience, and creating a safe container for new insights to unfold. In this sense, our sessions may include elements of teaching, coaching, mindfulness meditation, tarot, as well as recommendations for reading or further practice. 

Image by Sean Sinclair

Psychedelic Prep & Integration

"Although the experience is special, it does not happen to a special person. It happens to any of us when the conditions of letting go and opening the heart are present, when we can sense the world in a radically new way."

- Jack Kornfield

What is psychedelic preparation?

Preparation is all about setting the ground for a profound experience. Our sessions will focus on building a solid grounding in knowledge about the psychedelic experience, learning navigation tools, exploring your goals in the context of your life, and setting intentions. The aim of these sessions is to help you understand and trust the process, so that you can let go and have a transformative experience.

During our sessions, we will begin to go deeper into the issues that brought you to this work, and kick-start the journey of self-discovery through coaching, dreamwork, tarot, and mindfulness meditation. You might notice profound insights bubbling up, or you might start having memorable dreams, or "weird" coincidences happening to you. These are all signs that your psyche is opening up to the experience, and will ideally continue to be explored in integration coaching or your personal psychotherapy.

*While I'm happy to advise on what type of psychedelic might be best for you, I do not provide or sell any substances. Please be aware of the legal status of psychedelics where you live. 

Psychedelic Preparation Coaching

4 x 60-minute sessions

A personalised, holistic, and focused month-long process to prepare your mind, body, spirit, community, and environment for your psychedelic exploration. The sessions combine elements of teaching, inquiry, dreamwork, and mindfulness meditation. You will receive handouts, reading recommendations, and practices to do on your own time in between sessions.

Please get in touch if you would like a free 30-minute assessment before starting the program.

4 sessions


What is psychedelic integration?

If meaning is in the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, what happened to us, and what our purpose is in this world, then psychedelic integration is our chance to tweak these narratives to get closer to the truth. That's why integration is the process of making sense of a psychedelic experience and incorporating the lessons into our daily lives with the aim of becoming more fully ourselves. It is the process of transforming altered states into traits.

Why do we need integration? Well, the language of psychedelics can be similar to that of dreams. Psychedelic journeys can be highly symbolic, and often need time and skilled interpretation to reveal the insights and how they apply to our lives. Moreover, your pesky ego makes an unreliable translator. Since all it wants is continuity - for you to stay the same - even the biggest, most life-enhancing insight can begin to feel untrue once your ego convinces you that your old ways are far safer: Yes, maybe loving yourself could be alright, but not-loving yourself sort of works too, and keeps you away from potentially worse heartbreak, so why even try? Self-love is for sad divorcees anyway #livelaughlove.

Our integration sessions will focus on a gradual process of grounding you back in reality, exploring the feeling-tones of your journey, and then diving deeper for the meaning and how it applies to your life. Together we will establish practices that support your new findings and encourage a freer, more joyful way of being and lasting change.

Psychedelic Integration Coaching

4 x 60-minute sessions focused on establishing a solid understanding of the psychedelic journey, setting your intentions, and preparing you to get the most out of your upcoming experience. This preparation includes elements of spiritual and therapeutic coaching, mindfulness meditation, and trauma awareness.

We will cover the mythology and neuroscience of psychedelics, how to set intentions, types of experiences and how to navigate them, and a holistic and practical way to prepare your mind, body, spirit, community and environment. 


This process will be adapted to you, and you will get handouts after each session.

1 session


“An extraordinary experience, whether through a ritual with a psychedelic sacrament, a ceremony, a vision quest, or a retreat, can stand alone as a treasured event. But the real question is, what does it contribute to daily life? How does it make us more whole, balanced, and awake? What is the use of seeing God if you cannot be kind to your partner? What is the value of relating to the earth as a living organism if you still choose to bleach your laundry? What is the point of realising that all beings are connected if you are unable to look a homeless person in the eye?”

- Françoise Bourzat