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Image by Rebecca Peterson-Hall

A gentle, trauma-sensitive body scan where we begin by cultivating our resources before turning a kind, curious attention towards the body, attending to sensations, and beginning to build our capacity for embodied presence. This is your practice, so make it supportive: remember you can always take breaks, shift your posture, open your eyes, or stop the meditation altogether. You're in complete control, so enjoy!

Instead of pushing through, in this practice we make resistance the object of our attention and we hold it with compassion. By exploring the somatic, emotional, and psychological reverbs of resistance with curiosity, we begin to honour it and discover in what ways it's trying to protect us. This practice can be very helpful for anyone struggling with restlessness or numbness in meditation.

Image by Luis Quintero
Image by Annie Spratt

Join me in this trauma-sensitive practice working with a situation that triggers fear in order to cultivate mindfulness and compassion towards the part of you that is afraid. In this original take on RAIN, I guide you to identify the part of you that's holding the fear, where it lives in your mind and body, and to examine and nourish it from a safe distance, eventually releasing any somatic remnants of fear through shaking.

Join me on this embodied exploration where we will attempt to surface an unconscious limiting belief, inquiring into its truthfulness and the impact it has on your body, and replacing it with a more accurate and empowering one with a sense of playfulness - like trying on a new hat.
Image by Fran
Image by Marc Gustave


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