At times, we might find ourselves lost, or stuck. Even though we can't really put our finger on it, there's a deep feeling that something's missing from our lives. Perhaps our relationships aren't going the way we'd like them to, or our work lacks meaning. Inner work is a deep process that aims to bring you closer to who you really are. In this process we work on dismantling the beliefs and traumas that are holding you back, finding what truly gives you meaning, and inhabiting your life more (joy)fully.

How does it work?

Inner work is a form of psycho-spiritual coaching that aims to answer deeper questions about who you are, support your healing, and catalyse transformation. It's a deep dive into the unconscious in order to resurface the hidden gems of your character, and find the wholeness that already exists within you.

Inner work is a co-creative process. Much like regular coaching, we will work on shaping meaningful goals and clearing your path towards achieving them. Throughout our sessions, we may use a few different approaches, including belief work, mindfulness meditation, dream analysis, trauma work, storytelling, and psycho-education. I will hold you accountable throughout, and may give you exercises to do in between sessions in order to deepen our work. It may seem intense, but my aim is to support you in better understanding and accepting yourself, and to give you the confidence and tools to take our work further, on your own.​

Is this therapy?

While this type of coaching has many therapeutic elements to it, it isn't and shouldn't be considered a substitute for psychotherapy. Our work will focus on bringing you more fully into the present by accepting the past and orienting towards meaningful goals in your future. I cannot offer diagnosis or treatment for pathologies, but I would be happy to refer you to appropriate specialists. 

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Inner Work

“One should never think that man can reach perfection, he can only aim at completion – not to be perfect but to be complete. That would be the necessity and the indispensable condition if there were any question of perfection at all.
For how can you perfect a thing if it is not complete?"

- Carl Jung

  • A 20 minute Zoom chat to get to know each other.

    20 min

  • Inner work is a form of psycho-spiritual coaching for transformation.

    1 hr

    50 British pounds