Journey into the future

Where do you see yourself in a few years? Join me in this powerful workshop using guided meditation to find out what your ideal future looks like.
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Journey into the future

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18 Jun, 18:00 BST – 19 Jun, 20:00 BST

About the Event

"In our Journey into the Future session, Maria made me feel at ease immediately and was able to welcome each of the participants with grace and attention. Despite it being a group session with strangers, she held space for each of us in a way that made me feel comfortable, on the one hand, and privileged to witness someone else's experience, on the other. It was an insightful meditation and I will definitely be signing up for more sessions/ workshops!" - Andreea

"I'm surprised and grateful at how this short guided meditation to peek into a possible future has infused the days that followed with such a strong sense of hope, calm and confidence. I came to the group as a stranger to everyone else, so I was impressed with how Maria created this virtual space ripe for vulnerability and empathy. I also appreciated her illuminating insights on each of our experiences after the meditation took place. I'd recommend this to anyone looking to reconnect with themselves that little bit more." - Iulia

Let's face it. The pandemic has forced us to hit the breaks on some of our most ambitious dreams, or reconsider them altogether. And now that the world is opening up again, you might feel even more uncertain about what the future holds. You might be finding yourself aimless, lost, or uninspired, waiting for a sign or someone to reveal your path. Or you could find it yourself.

Join me in this workshop as I'll guide you in one of the most powerful meditations I share with my 1-1 clients to help crystalise a vision for the future. 

Through harnessing the powers of creative imagination, we'll peek into your future to explore questions around your living and work situation, like: 

  • Where will I live?
  • What will I do for work?
  • Will I dare to switch careers? Learn something new?
  • How much money will I be making?
  • What will my day-to-day life look like?
  • Who will I share it with?

Wait, are you saying I can actually tell my future?

Well, yes, sort of. There's a part within each of us that exists outside of linear time or the constrictions of our everyday material world. This vast realm of potential is the unconscious - and it is, in fact, outside of our day-to-day consciousness. It knows so much more than our tiny egos, and is the source of our growth. And the best part is that we can learn to tap into it. Deep meditation, psychedelics, shamanic journeying all open the door to this place of wisdom within us, thrusting us forward on our path of individuation.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." - Carl Jung

This session is a playful exploration of your potential future. We'll be using the psyche's symbol-making capacity to reveal what your life looks like in 3-5 years, and what you did to get there. After discussing the method together, I'll lead you through a deep meditation that will silence the ego and allow this unconscious potential to reveal itself. We'll explore your living and work situations, and then we'll come back and integrate together, decoding the symbols and coming up with next steps you can take to make this vision real. 

This kind of deep work can be incredibly inspiring and empowering, and I look forward to guiding you on this very special journey.

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