Launching the only face cream that works while you sleep 

Women living with extreme dry skin have tried everything. The cling wrap. The oils. The masks. The light therapy. The so-called magical muds from the depths of the dead sea. It’s a never-ending quest for a “cure” which only worsens the skin condition by fuelling their anxiety.


So when Dove DermaSeries was launching their new overnight face cream that works while you sleep, we wanted to encourage women to give their skin a rest. Stop the cycle of trial and worry, and let the cream do the work.

To do so, we asked real women who live with eczema or psoriasis about the strangest things they’ve tried to soothe their skin. The candid unscripted interviews were conducted just before bed, resulting in a humorous campaign that anyone suffering from dry skin can see themselves in.

Art Director: Alessio Laudato