Jungian tarot readings are an intuitive and creative approach to deepen your understanding of yourself or a situation, receive guidance, and move forward with more clarity.

In my view, one of the greatest joys of tarot readings is that it reminds us of how vast and mysterious our lives really are. When asking the cards for guidance, we briefly suspend our habitual way of operating: we surrender the ego's need for certainty in exchange for curiosity and wonder. By engaging in a dialogue with the cards, we begin to open the doors to the unconscious and the archetypes that underpin our existence. This way we can receive guidance beyond the familiar and, most importantly, we begin to expand our ideas about who we are.

Thus, the nature of tarot readings is incredibly therapeutic. It's not uncommon for readings to come at pivotal moments in your life, instigating or supporting important transitions. You can arrive at new insights, become aware of self-sabotaging behaviours, discover a new part of yourself, or find the confirmation you need to align with your intended path. To support this kind of transformation I like to bring in myths, fairy tales, Buddhist philosophies, or ideas from trauma treatment, attachment theory, or developmental psychology. 

My approach to the tarot, as for most of my work, is based on Jungian principles. The tarot cards with their intricate symbols represent a shared language for the unconscious to reveal itself and guide your individuation. As you might guess, this work is not about telling the future or casting spells. Instead, we dig deeper into the present so that you can make more empowered choices about the future. 


How does it work?

Focus on an area of your life (this could be your career, relationships, finance, purpose) or a particular relationship dynamic/ situation you'd like to understand better. Contemplate what's difficult to grasp about it. Maybe there's something you feel you're missing, or you'd like to know where it's going, or how you can best handle it. Then formulate your question.

Clear, simple questions work best. If you're facing a complex situation try to find the question that would help you most–for example, perhaps knowing how to move forward is more valuable than understanding what's going on.

Here are some examples of questions:

  • What's happening here? 

  • What am I missing about a current challenge I'm facing?

  • How can I best move forward with this situation?

  • What's keeping me stuck in this area of my life? (career, finance, love, friendships, relationship to self)

  • What's behind this pattern I'm noticing in an area of my life?

  • What qualities would serve me best in approaching this opportunity?

  • What's keeping me from being in a healthy relationship?

  • What are my gifts to the world in this life?

To book your tarot reading, fill in your details through the form below and submit the £35 fee. Once payment is confirmed, I will get back to you within 72 hours with a 30-40 minute recorded video of your reading, including a photo of your cards.

Your checklist:

1. Your question is simple, clear, and specific (a specific aspect of your life or yourself).

2. You're sticking to one question/area of your life.

3. You provide enough context about your question for my reading to be as personal as possible. 

What former participants say

This workshop enabled me to connect to the tarot on a deeper, more truthful way. Maria reminded us that we already have the right tool, intuition, within us to guide us through our personal tarot journey. I thoroughly enjoyed the way Maria taught the workshop due to her energetic, curious and open self. I truly hope to attend more of her workshops.

- Catarina