Tarot Readings

How to book an offline tarot session

Before you submit your question, contemplate what's difficult to grasp about this. Maybe there's something you feel you're missing, or you'd like to know where the situation is going, or how you can best handle it.

Clear, simple questions work best. If you're facing a complex situation try to find the question that would help you most–for example, perhaps knowing how to move forward is more valuable than understanding what's going on.

Here are some examples of questions:

  • What's happening here? 

  • What am I missing about a current challenge I'm facing?

  • How can I best move forward with this situation?

  • What's keeping me stuck in this area of my life? (career, finance, love, friendships, relationship to self)

  • What's behind this pattern I'm noticing in an area of my life?

  • What qualities would serve me best in approaching this opportunity?

  • What's keeping me from being in a healthy relationship?

  • What are my gifts to the world in this life?

Your checklist:

1. Your question is simple, clear, and specific (a specific aspect of your life or yourself).

2. You're sticking to one question/area of your life.

3. You provide enough context about your question for my reading to be as personal as possible. 

Book your tarot reading

Please share as much you can about the situation you'd like more clarity about. The more info you provide, the more detailed my reading.

After you submit the button below you will be taken to PayPal to transfer the £40 fee.

Maria managed to really captivate me with the tarot cards and this whole idea of giving the unconscious an extra opportunity to reveal itself. I liked that she somehow found a better way of shaping my question and that her translation of the symbols was clear and simple. The reading was very insightful, balanced (as to also let me ponder over the meaning of cards) and full of ideas for integrating what the cards showed in my daily life. Thank youuu!

- Andreea