I'm a freelance creative with a decade's experience in advertising. I'm also retraining as a psychedelic guide/therapist. 

I'm passionate about storytelling, picky about words, and still undecided about the Oxford comma. I'm also a big believer in the power of creativity to challenge limiting ideas and change culture for the better. 

I quit my full-time job as an advertising creative in December 2019 to allow myself the freedom to work on exactly that. To choose my work wisely, and to invest my time in learning how to support others on their psychedelic journeys to healthier selves and the most magical corners of the universe. I wrote all about it here.


I'm also planning on maximising the number of cats I pet per year.

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Let's work together

I'm available for freelance creative gigs on projects and brands that want to make their tiny slice of the world a bit better. I'm a strong conceptual thinker with a proclivity for humour and clever ideas - test me out! I'm also a good copywriter when it comes to social content, CRM or an unassuming little advertorial.

Hey, did you know...

I write a bi-monthly newsletter about psychedelic therapy and my journey retraining.