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oh hai

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I'm a senior creative with almost a decade's experience in advertising.

I'm passionate about storytelling, picky about words, and still undecided about the Oxford comma. I'm also a big believer in the power of creativity to challenge limiting ideas and change culture for the better. 

While I've never toasted overpriced rosé in Cannes, I've kept myself busy developing personal projects that expand my knowledge and skills. And bring a little meaning and joy to the world.

From starting Humans of Google Street View as a creative twist on Humans of New York, to drawing a comic series about rejection, then evolving it into a fun podcast with a decent following, learning to code and doing improv comedy on the side, I am always excited to see where creativity takes me next.

You can find an imprint of my butt on chairs at:

  • Ogilvy UK (currently)

  • Edelman UK

  • MRM//McCann Bucharest and London

  • A couple of boutique agencies you won't bother googling

stuff I studied:

  • Front-end web development (General Assembly)

  • Long-form Journalism with Will Storr (The Guardian)

  • The Science of Storytelling with Will Storr (The Guardian)

  • Power Your Podcast with Storytelling with Alex Blumberg (Gimlet Media)

  • Judd Apatow Teaches Comedy (Masterclass)

  • Improv Comedy levels 1 & 2 (MonkeyToast)

(I also really like photography)