Mountain Range


I'm a trauma-sensitive life coach & a psychedelic integration specialist.

Psychological work in a spiritual context

Our experiences growing up force us to adapt to situations that are painful and sometimes even traumatic. And while these adaptations served us then, they keep us from living fully, as our true selves, today. 


I practice a form of spiritual and therapeutic coaching fired by the belief that we all are born whole and perfect, and deserve to experience life with complete freedom from past limitations. My work focuses on guiding you closer to who you are by engaging with the unconscious forces that drive you, so that you can rediscover your inner wholeness, and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Work with me

Creative Writing


“Working with Maria was a delight! She is very much present, well organised and knows how to listen in a conversation. She’s very good at giving the right questions that you need in overcoming different situations. I felt comfortable and safe putting my trust in her and I am very eager for our next project!”


—  Mihai, on Psychedelic Prep & Integration


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