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I am Maria Nazdravan - a London based inner work coach, psychedelic integration specialist, and mindfulness meditation teacher with a boundless passion for understanding consciousness and the human psyche. I am also a writer, creative consultant, a trainee transpersonal psychotherapist, and a human attempting to balance heaven and earth with integrity and humour.

Psychological work
in a spiritual context

My work is based on a holistic path that addresses the multitudes within each person. Through my extensive training, reading, and personal inner work I developed a trauma-sensitive approach based on Jungian, humanistic, mindfulness, psychedelic, somatic, and spiritual principles. 
So whether it's regular orpsychedelic integration coaching, my aim with this work is to bring you closer to who you are by engaging the unconscious forces that drive you, releasing trauma, and learning new ways of being - so that you can rediscover your inner wholeness, and live a happier, more fulfilling life as who you are meant to become.

If you're feeling called to take your inner work to the next level, I'd be honoured to be a guide in your transformation. I offer a complimentary, obligation-free 30-minute consultation where we can discuss your goals, or you can join one of my workshops or courses.

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"Can’t recommend enough the experience of having a session with Maria! After a few years spent as a stay at home mother, I had complex issues regarding the loss of my identity and lack of clarity concerning my future. The 'Journey into the future' meditation proved to be the powerful revelatory experience that I so much needed. Right from the start I felt at ease discussing with Maria (not always easy for an introvert :), but she’s a kind, empathetic guide and her clever questions/observations/detailed notes provided me with valuable insights. I feel that her workshop managed to connect me better with myself, opened up many interesting lines of thought and filled me with an unexpected sense of hope. Thanks, Maria!"

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