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Hi, I'm Maria - a trauma-informed inner work practitioner, psychedelic integration specialist, and mindfulness meditation teacher with a boundless passion for consciousness and the human psyche. I am also a writer, creative consultant, a trainee transpersonal and sensorimotor psychotherapist, and, perhaps most of all, a human attempting to balance heaven and earth with integrity and humour.

I've been called to this work after ten years in the creative industry and a humbling, yet necessary breakdown of everything I thought I knew about my life, my mission, and existence. Over the last few years I've been consistently rebuilding through dedicated study, inner work, and devotion to spiritual practice. And I understood that my work was to use my experience and thirst for knowledge to serve others looking to understand, heal, and love themselves.

I now believe we all come into the world called. There’s an essential nature to all of us that seeks to express itself through us and flourish, manifesting our unique potential as physical and spiritual beings in the collective. At the same time, I cannot deny the fact that we’re equal parts nature and nurture–and the latter is where our troubles begin.


The environments we start from are far from perfect and often don’t give us the nurture we need. In response to our inevitable early wounding we develop wise, protective patterns of behaviour that keep us safe, but restrict us from growing. Left unchecked, they solidify into shells that keep us from knowing our true nature and from reaching our potential in adulthood: we find ourselves disconnected from ourselves, lacking meaning, struggling in relationships, and wondering what the point is after all.


But there’s hope. I know firsthand that we can always begin again. We can choose to consciously participate in our individuation by reclaiming the parts of us that got cut off through trauma, befriending our bodies, and reconnecting to our hearts.


And I'd love to guide you there.

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Create the life you really want.

Trauma-informed inner work

My approach

Transpersonal psychotherapy

A heart-led integrative approach that addresses the personal and spiritual dimensions in order to support you in becoming who you're meant to be.

Jungian analysis

An infinitely fascinating way of engaging with the unconscious through the exploration of dreams, synchronicity, symbols, and creative imagination.

Mindfulness meditation

Trauma-sensitive mindfulness and meditation to befriend sensations, emotions, and thoughts, and cultivate freedom.

Sensorimotor psychotherapy

A holistic, collaborative, and evidence-based somatic approach to treating trauma that uses movement, posture, and physiology to restore safety and connection in the body.


A playful and creative way of engaging with the archetypes that underpin our day-to-day existence.


A profound way of working with your inner healer to integrate unconscious content and inquire into the mystery of existence.

​One should never think that man can reach perfection, he can only aim at completion – not to be perfect but to be complete. That would be the necessity and the indispensable condition if there were any question of perfection at all. For how can you perfect a thing if it is not complete?
- Carl Jung

Work with me

Psychedelic Integration

Integration is the process of turning the wisdom and beauty of altered states through breathwork or psychedelics into lasting change.

A holistic, embodied approach to trauma healing, figuring out your day-to-day struggles, and finding your true self. Available for both long-term and short-term plans.

Tarot Readings

A creative and collaborative way of accessing guidance from the deepest part of the psyche to help with life's questions and challenges.

Courses & Workshops

Trauma-informed classes, meditations, and workshops for your psycho-spiritual growth.

If you're feeling called to take your inner work to the next level, I'd be honoured to be a guide in your transformation. I offer a complimentary, obligation-free 30-minute consultation where we can discuss your goals and how I can support you.

Working with Maria has been such a pleasure and even after a few sessions has helped me open up to new ways of being that previously felt hard to access. I really appreciate the way she threads together what feels like a psychotherapeutic approach, with embodiment, visualisation and meditation in a way that helps me build bridges between my body, heart, mind and soul. She knows when conversation will be most helpful, and when moving into a different type of exercise will bring something to the surface that’s hard to express otherwise, and this has really helped me tap into things from a completely new angle.

- Ilya, on Psychedelic Integration

Frequently asked questions

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