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A trauma-sensitive path to inner discovery and growth

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I am Maria Nazdravan - a London based inner work coach, psychedelic integration specialist, and mindfulness meditation teacher with a boundless passion for understanding consciousness and the human psyche. I am also a writer, creative, a trainee transpersonal psychotherapist, and a human attempting to balance heaven and earth with integrity and humour.

Psychological work
in a spiritual context

My work is based on a holistic path that addresses the multitudes within each person. Through my extensive training, reading, and personal inner work I developed a trauma-sensitive approach based on Jungian, humanistic, mindfulness, psychedelic, somatic, and spiritual principles. This allows me to meet you exactly where you are.


My aim is to bring you closer to who you are by engaging with the unconscious forces that drive you, so that you can rediscover your inner wholeness, and live a happier, more fulfilling life - as the beautiful, unique individual that you were born to become.

If you're feeling called to take your inner work to the next level, I'd be honoured to be a guide in your transformation. I offer a complimentary, obligation-free 30-minute consultation, concessions, and free inner work bursaries for those who cannot afford my services.

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"Maria makes you feel safe to open up, to cry it out, to ask yourself the right questions. She actively listens, not just to your words, but also watches your body language (even over a Zoom call). She asks you the good questions, makes sure the conversation stays focused on the topic you want to tackle. After our first session she suggested a phased approach and a tentative timeline, which made me feel more comfortable going into this big journey that is trauma healing. She made some excellent book recommendations and she prepared handouts for some sessions, which helped me do the work on my own time too. I’m thankful for her efforts and the progress we made together."

—  Ramona, on Inner Work

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  • May You Be Happy
    06 Jul, 18:30 BST – 07 Aug, 12:00 BST
    Learn the practice of mindfulness meditation and transform your life in this 5-week course that integrates ancient teachings and cutting-edge developments from neuroscience, psychology, and trauma healing.